Road Trip!!!

Networking is a huge thing for me. I love people and I love to get new ideas on things and grow as an individual. It’s another passion of mine. I am going on a networking binge and my ultimate goal is to meet with a friend of a friend who builds killer websites and helps businesses.

Road trips are the best. I love road trips because I can save a ton of money but even when I have a generous budget, road trips are all about serenity and calmness for me.

I have a few friends and a sprinkle of family that I would like to see for the summer. I have three others who are gonna roll with me who have people that they wanna stop by and visit too.

I’ve been hearing great things about this girl in Lancaster California and how she helps businesses get customers. I’ve gotta get my hands on her. Well, not literally but I have a few ideas I think that both she and I can share.Of course, that’s not that that’s my sole purpose for this trip but networking is something that is all too familiar to me. I enjoy networking with a group of people and it actually helps me to gather material for this blog as well as with my previous work.

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Is A Vacation Home For You?

Renting a vacation home is something that many don’t consider when looking for digs on their vacation stay. This option is a good way to explore options and to maybe save some money and get more bang for your buck while you’re at it.

Let’s explore some of the ways that you can take advantage of this option. The key is to stay organized in your search as well as planning ahead.

One of the most imperative things that you need to mark off on your uber important checklist is searching before everyone else finds the deal that you want. When you plan to rent a vacation home keep in mind that there are thousands of others who are planning to vacation at a vacation home as well.

The best way to go about planning is to plan at least six months in advance. This will help you to take advantage of low cost and finding a really good one. While a year to plan may seem more than necessary it’s actually a great strategy because the good vacation homes are the ones that usually get taken pretty quickly.

First, you will need to find a destination or the place that you would like to vacation the most. Once you do that, you will need to find the vacation homes that are surrounding that area or in the place that you would like to be. You will also need to make sure that you have the exact time and date of your trip lined up with where you would like to vacation.

Look for a real estate agent for help with the rest of your vacation rental trip. You will need to give the real estate agent the information need for him or her to find the best vacation rental to suit your needs and wants.

Make sure to find a well respected real estate agent that has enough knowledge and expertise to get you what you are looking for.

You can also contact a rental agency that has a large amount of customers who know and trust their services.

You can also, of course, find online sources that will help you with  your search for someone who can help you to find the vacation rental that is just right for you.

If you are close enough to the vacation spot then you can certainly drive around and take a look at some of the neighborhoods and get a heads up on what you are getting before you even get in contact with a real estate agent for more help.

This will help you with fees as well if you are on a tight budget. You can always keep an eye out for new rentals and do some of the work yourself to save a little cash. This is because the brokerage fee will be nonexistent if you find the rental yourself. Of course, this is a lot of work and takes some effort and patience but again if you are on a tight budget the payoff may be worth it.

When you get the terms and conditions of the contract you will need to make sure that you read it thoroughly and understand all of the information being presented to you before you sign it.

The contract is one of the most important aspects of the vacation rental. There are lots of people who are unfortunately aren’t very clear on all of the terms and they sign something that they didn’t bargain for.

The contract explains what is expected of you and what you are responsible for. If you aren’t sure of these things or you are not paying attention this can end up getting you in trouble in the end.

Get a checklist of all of the things that you are financially responsible for while you are there as well as how damages are handled.

The best thing to do is to have a lawyer look over the contract to make sure that everything is ok with both you and the owner of the vacation home. Don’t skip this important step. Although it can cost you a few extra hundred dollars to have a lawyer look at the contract it will be more money if  you don’t aren’t clear about the details of the contract and it costs you more in the end. The best thing to do is to know that you are at peace with your decision because you have tied up all of your loose ends.

If you are tight on cash, remember that you can always negotiate the terms of the contract and any expenses that you feel are too much for you or that you cannot afford. This is especially true if the vacation rental you want isn’t booked. If it isn’t booked then you will have a much easier time negotiating as the owner of the rental may be desperate to rent it out. This will give you a better place to negotiate on some wiggle room.

Make sure that you have your deposit ready to go. Make sure that you have counted this into your budget. Make sure that you are absolutely clear on all of the conditions by which you should get your deposit back at the end of your vacation stay.

Some vacation homes have a housekeeping service. Make sure you are aware of any costs that are associated with this kind of service. Make sure the owner of the rental, as well as you, are in agreement on what is expected with the service.

Take pictures of your vacation rental once you arrive. You always want to keep a record of what damages have occurred or not while you are there. Take pictures and report any inadequate findings of the property so that you don’t become the party responsible for it when your stay is up.

Make sure you do the same thing the last day of your stay for comparison purposes. This will prove that what you did and didn’t cause when you leave.

Make sure you keep in contact with the landlord so that if there is a problem you can let them know right away. Perform a walk through of the property right before you check out and make sure that you have the landlord perform the walkthrough with you if at all possible. This will help you to find problems with the landlord if there are any and will help things go a lot smoother in the long run.

The last thing you will need to keep in mind is….ENJOY YOUR STAY! Have fun and don’t think too much. This should be a time when you forget about all of your problems and enjoy your time vacationing in your vacation  home!




Be Safe Before Vacation

One of the most important things to do while on vacation is to make sure that all of your loose ends are tied up prior to leaving.

When your apartment or home is left alone while you are on vacation you are vulnerable to theft and other things that can threaten your dwelling.

It is important that you take the necessary steps to keep your home in order and safe from intruders.

One of the ways that you can ensure that your home stays safe while you are away is to ask a close friend or family member to watch over your home while you are away. Since this is someone that you can trust, you can ask them to watch over your dwelling a few different ways.

One of the ways that you can go about getting a close person to help you is to pay them to do it. You can also ask them to drive by your home every day and report any suspicious activity to you. You can also ask them to temporarily stay in your home until you return. This is especially important if you have pets or plants that need to be taken care of while you are gone.

Make sure to provide this person with a key to your home and your mailbox as well especially if you are expecting important mail.

This person should be able to get in contact with you fairly easily so that they can report anything of importance to you easily. You may also want to give a key to your car so that if your car needs to be moved they can do this as well. You can also have multiple neighbors watch your home and report any suspicious activity to you.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they let people know that they are going on vacation on social media outlets. This is a very bad thing to do because it tips people off and they are aware of your whereabouts before you get a chance to leave.

You never really know who is reading the stuff that you are putting on the internet and you will need to be careful about who you share information with because it can be damaging.

Never post any details of information about your trip. You can be extra careful and not post anything while you are away like pictures or how your vacation is going until your vacation is over and you are at home again.

You should let the police know that you will be away from you home and give them the details of your vacation. This is especially helpful if you are going to be on vacation for an extended period of time. The police may drive by your home a few times to ensure that things are running smoothly. You can also let your neighborhood watch know that you will be leaving town if you have one. Let the police know that if you have an alarm system so that they are aware of it.

Leave everything that you have around your home as it normally is when you are home so that you don’t tip anyone off. For example, if you have curtains that you normally keep open it is a good idea to keep them the way that you normally keep them. If you keep your curtains open be sure to remove valuable items out of view.

Many people get confused on whether they should leave their lights on when they are on vacation and the best thing to do is to get a light that has a timer which can control when the light go on and off. It looks strange if you have lights that are on all day and night not to mention the expensive electric bill that you will be coming home to right after your getaway.

If you are planning on vacationing in the winter it is very important that you keep in mind your pipes may become frozen because no one will be using them. It is especially important to have a friend someone close to you to monitor the health of your piping system in your home while you are away. This will help prevent your pipes from becoming frozen and bursting suddenly.

Make sure to unplug everything so that you don’t cause your electric bill to skyrocket. Studies show that your appliances are still using power even when it isn’t on.

Make sure that you lock up before you go on vacation. Always keep safety at the forefront of your mind first and you will keep the bad stuff away.

Cheap Travels

We all know that a vacation can add up quickly. It can literally turn into the tsunami of dollar bills. If you are looking for ways to travel on a budget…well…welcome.

You are definitely not alone. At some point, we all need a vacation. Away from all the hustle and bustle and the nonsense that we tell ourselves when we dream of being on an island with perfect weather sipping on a mai tai.

Fortunately, there are lots of deals on packages on vacation, airfare and so much more. These days prices are so dirt cheap anyone can take a flight and at least get away for a 24 hour period.

If you want to fly but need to fly on a budget….

Before you decide that you want to forgo flying because you think you can’t afford it and you’ve resorted to a car, a train or a bus think again. There are ways around this complex situation and it doesn’t require that you spend extra money on vacationing.

You will need to monitor the prices of airfare often to check for lowered prices. Prices are cut often for various reasons. There are websites like that you can visit to check for prices. You can even get e-mail alerts sent to you whenever prices change to help you find the best price in your budget.

You can use airlines that are not U.S. based when you plan to travel internationally. Instead of going with a major airline, consider going with a nonmajor airline that will save you money and still get you to your destination. Airlines like Aer Lingus can fly to different U.S. cities as well as a large part of Europe.

You can also drive if that’s your thing but of course, this is only an option if you don’t mind driving or enjoy it. You can consider taking a drive when gas prices are down.

You can plan a road trip and find a nearby national park to visit. As mentioned above you can visit Tripadvisor and there is this really neat tool you can use to help you get the most of the gas you have in your tank. It measures exactly how much gas you need to fill your tank from the starting point to the ending point of your trip.

If you have a hard time finding a decent hotel that you can afford or the cheap ones aren’t desirable you can always opt to go for a house or a condo rental. This is a great option if you have a large group of people that you plan to travel with. This is also a good option if the place you plan to travel to has very little hotel options. When you choose this option make sure that you understand all of the rules associated with the rental.

If you must stay in a hotel and you plan to travel alone or as a couple, you can get a small hotel room because they’re cheap. Try to find smaller independent hotels which normally have apartment style living which commonly have living rooms and kitchens that are compact.

Swapping houses is also a great option. You can find a destination and trade homes. This only works if you live in a popular location. This is a rather risky option and requires that you double check references as well as secure your home the best you can. Make sure that you interview the swapper well enough to build trust between the both of you and make a lasting impression.

Pick an off season location and go when it is a lot less crowded and when it is less popular. This will drive the prices down and give you the ability to take advantage of falling prices. Choose a destination that is a bargain because of the destination like Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. These are places that are cheap all year long.

If you are the kind of person that spends a lot, then you may need to consider finding out the price of extras before you get there. You can keep track of your spending by utilizing a calculator and sticking to the budget that you planned.

You can also consider booking a trip that has a fixed cost like cruises, tours for groups of three or more, and resort packages.

The all inclusive trips are a great way to include everything in your trip from travel expenses to the food and drinks. When you prepay for all of your expenses then you can enjoy your trip knowing that everything is already paid for and if you bring money with you then it is for extra stuff that you don’t have to sweat about when you are on your way home.

Look into all of your options and explore each one to find out what is best for you. It will save you lots of money and you can still have fun on a dime! Se la vie!

Don’t Forget My….

When it comes to the list of things that you need to travel with, there are often the essentials which are the things that you cannot travel without.

Then there are nonessential things that you want but don’t necessarily need. It would, however, make for a really nice trip.

The Important Items:

You will need all of your documents that identify you especially if you plan to travel out of the country. Your state identification card and passport are a start.

You will also want to take any other photo identification that you have.

You should place these specific items into an organizer where you can easily find them when you need them.

Your travel information should be in your organizer as well as other important documents like your travel tickets, health insurance information and emergency contact information.

If you have any documents that are expired or will be expired when you are traveling it is a good idea to remedy the situation before you leave for travel.

Email yourself a copy of all of your important documents so that you have access to them at all times in case you lose the actual documents.

Notify your bank or banks that you will be traveling so that you can save yourself some heartache in the event that you lose your credit cards or ATM cards. This way your bank will notify you immediately if they suspect fraudulent activity with any of your accounts, saving you lots of money in the long run.

Have a carry on bag that has your essential items placed in there. This bag doesn’t need to be large but enough of the essential stuff that you could survive on should you lose your luggage. Make sure that you have any daily toiletries that you use for the flight, train or bus travel especially if it is a long travel time. You will want to include clothing that you can wear in case you lose your luggage as well.

Also, include your electronic devices and chargers for the devices so that you have full access to them as much as possible.

If you have a difficult time sleeping, consider things that keep you busy while you travel like magazines, crossword puzzles and the like.

You will also want to keep yourself comfortable so bring a small pillow and a blanket if it is going to be cold.

If you have medication that you need to take make sure that this is in your carry on bag where you will know exactly where to find it each time you need it. Prescription glasses, as well as any other pertinent prescriptions, should be highly considered as items that you should keep in your carry-on bag.

Make sure all of your things are well organized. You can use packing organizers to help you with this. If you are ever in a hurry then being organized will help you a great deal. It will also help you to find things with ease. If you have lots of bulky items you can use compression sacs that reduce the size by 80%.

You will need to make sure you pack all of your clothing and have as many options as possible in case the weather changes or you have to make lots of clothing changes.

It is important to consider security while you are on the go. There are lots of thefts that will try their best to take advantage of you while you are vacationing.

You can purchase RFID protection which will protect all of your banking and credit cards as well as any other important information from identity theft. Thieves now have the ability to read your information using high-tech machinery that steals all of your information. The information that is collected is from a chip that your banking cards and credit cards have. Be sure to stay safe and keep all of your information hidden.

Last but not least, make sure that you secure home. If you have children and you don’t plan on taking them on the trip with you, make sure that you have all of your childcare needs done  prior to your trip.

If you have children and you are taking them on the trip, make sure that you include all of these tips and apply it to the little ones as well. It’s always best to have more than enough than not enough at all.

If you can, you can benefit greatly from hiring a house sitter. Hire someone that you trust and know if you can.

Secure all of your doors and windows. If you have a home alarm system make sure it is secure before you leave for your vacation. Arrange any other activity that you usually have done around your home to stop while you are gone and to continue when you return like lawn care, pool care, and other things.

If you have pets and they will not be coming with you, you can consider a pet sitter as well. There are lots of pet sitters that are popping up every day. You can do an internet search to find out if there is one near your home.

Safe travels!


The Best Way To Travel Is…..

Saving a buck isn’t so bad especially when you know that you have a big trip to plan. Even a small trip can cause some to want to overspend at times.

There are lots of ways to travel on a budget and here are some unconventional ways that you might not have considered before now.

This is an obvious point but it needs to be mentioned anyway. You need to know where the bargains are. Just like shopping around for anything else, you have to do your research and find the places that make sense for your budget.

There are many ways and many places where you can get information on where and how to get the best bargains.

Often times you can visit the website of the nearby hotels. You can also find a great travel agency that will offer great discount codes and coupons for airfare and car rental agencies.

There are also websites where you can bid for pricing and get the best price for your trip. Be careful and read all of the fine print of all terms of any contract that you sign whether you electronically sign it or not. Also, beware of fine print on coupons and any other deal that you agree to so that you know exactly what you can benefit from and what you are getting yourself into.

Always ask questions when you are setting up your airfare, hotel accommodations, rental car arrangement and other incidentals. These can add up very quickly if you aren’t cautious and can cause you to spend more money than you anticipated.

Inquire about current deals and find out how you can save money on all of your incidentals and it will save you lots of money especially if you are planning an extended trip.

Extras that are often overlooked include Wi-fi, cable, and parking to name a few. Try to find hotels that offer these at a very low cost or free of charge with your stay.

You may also want to take advantage of loyalty programs if they are offered at a hotel that you are interested in.

If you have a flexible schedule, you are in a great position to save some extra bucks. Certain times of the year, travel is less especially to certain places. There are definitely times of the year when things are slow and this is the best time to take advantage of the low prices as well.

There are lots of deals that pop up at the last minute and are great if you are looking for a really cheap deal.

There are vacation packages where you save on an all inclusive trip up to 60% off which is really a steal, to say the least.

You can compromise on a few things. For example instead of getting a fancy hotel in the exciting part of town, you can opt to get a much cheaper hotel on the outskirts of the nearby popular places. This works great if you don’t plan on being in the hotel room much and would like to be out and about. If you choose this option then you will have more money to do other things.

You can also follow someone who is an expert on super saver traveling. There are bloggers who have lots of experience in traveling and information. You can even follow them on social media websites and get values on deals as soon as they happen in real time so that you can take advantage of it as soon as you can.

You can also consider taking other routes of travel excluding airfare. There are lots of great deals on train and bus travel and you can save a lot of money if you choose to travel this way.

You can join a few travel memberships and clubs. Lots of companies offer travel incentives and deals to existing customers. This is a great way to get information on deals so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

If you don’t know something always ASK! You never know what deal you may be passing if you fail to ask what is available to you.




DIsneyland can be cheap too!

Let’s talk kiddos for a minute.

Every kid loves a good theme park and some grown ups too.

No one can deny that Disneyland is the ultimate vacation spot. Everyone who has never been wants to go and everyone who has been there wants to go back.

So here are some tips on how to save on your trip to Disneyland and to get the most out of this trip without spending too many benjamins.

Discounts are all around us. A discount is pretty much offered everywhere we go. Although some discounts don’t make sense like the discount on that bar of soap that will only save me 99 cents..(ok well maybe that’s just me) but this is a discount that will definetly help with your piggy bank.

If you are part of a large group then you can definetly benefit fro a group offer. Take advantage of a group discount. Maybe you have friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while and want to invite on the trip. If you are a two some, consider inviting friends and family who have children to bring along for the fun. Group discounts can save a lot of money and make everyone happy. This is a great way to save a buck. You can visit the Disneyland Park website and check for group discount offers.

The best time to go to Disneyland Park is during the off season which is typically September thru March. The busy seasons tend to drive costs and even have to turn people away who try to enter the park the same day instead of buying tickets ahead of time. The best thing about this is that you avoid all of the nasty traffic when you leave the park and you also get to enjoy as many rides as possible without having to miss out on rides because of the lines being too long. The weather is also much better and no sweating invlloved. The calmer months are the best if you wanna save some bucks.

The best thing to do before a trip to the big D is to plan ahead. The park souviners and food can add up pretty quickly. If at all possible, find a place to eat outside of the park and eat a meal before you enter the park and enjoy the day. This will help you save lots of money in the long run. Also consider buying food before you enter the park that doesn’t require heating like sandwhiches and the like. Consider only buying drinks in the park and keep it at a minimal by buying only water so you won’t continue to avod dehydration and buying more drinks throughout the day.

If you are part of a large group that has children in the group I’ve got good news for you. Kids that are 3 and younger get in for FREE. Nothing is better than free at Disneyland. Am I right? There are plenty of rides in the park that cater to this age group so make a kid trip and everyone gets in free except the adults. Keep the adults to a minimum!

There are lots of hotel packages near Disneyland. The best way to save money when choosing where to stay is to book a hotel outside of Disneyland. There are lots of good hotel rates offered outside of the park that will help with saving you more money.

Disneyland is a fun experience for kids, teens, adults and older people alike. The expensive pricetag is scary for some. But it doesn’t have to be. If you plan ahead and take advantage of the best deals at the best times, you too can experience the joys of  the Disneyland Theme Park.






Cabo San Lucas–Affordable Water Sports In Cabo


There are lots of people who look to vacation in the summer with their families. A lot of these families are looking for cheap ways to vacation but still have a blast.

Cabo San Lucas is a dirt cheap destination spot and is also famous for its water and awesome water activities.

There are lots of tourists who don’t exactly have the means to just travel anywhere they want to during the summer.

Cabo is one of the top destination spots in Mexico making this spot very attractive to tourists. In the spirit of summer, let’s explore some water activities that will have a hard time saying no to.

Cabo San Lucas is located at the south end of the Peninsula in Baja California.

This tourists destination is perfect for a cheap destination spot all year long and has some dirt cheap water activities to boot.

Awesome Water Activities In Cabo


There are enough water sports in Cabo San Lucas to make a splash. There are many different kinds of boats to choose from. Though the boat you choose should be reflective of what kind of boat ride you are looking for. The cost and the activity you choose also makes a difference in the boat that you choose. The weather is perfect for a calm sail. Your activities can include Kayaking, Sailing, Yacht Rentals as well as Jet Ski Rentals. Enjoy the water as you look around at the serene scene. Soak up the sun and enjoy what the true nature of Cabo. Rates for boating are as low as $2  a week, all the way up to $340 dollars a week. 


The rate for catching fish here is 70% and above. There is an abundance of fish in this area which means if you don’t necessarily know how to catch fish then that’s ok because the success rate is so high. You are allowed to get a license that ranges from beginners to professional but there is a catch and release clause that is expected to be adhered to by all visitors. The license to fish is pretty affordable at $14 dollars so you will most likely get your money’s worth and get the most out of the $14 dollars. 


Surfing is a water sport that takes a lot more body work but is exhilarating at the same time. There are surfboard rentals that where you can rent the surfboard for as little as $19.00 for a couple of hours to $81.00 dollars for a couple of days. Depending on how long you want to rent the surfboard you can rent it at a low price.

If you have no clue how to use a surfboard but want to get to know how to use one well enough to have fun while vacationing, then the best thing to do is to pay for private lessons. These lessons can teach one person which would be a private lesson or a group of up to five. Prices range from $109.00 for a private lesson to $1500 for five people. Whether you are in a big group or it’s just you all by your lonesome, you can certainly have a blast with this water sport!


Snorkeling is another way to enjoy the aquatics of Cabo and it is one of the most popular water activities available. A purchased snorkeling package is usually 2-3 hours and it costs between $40-$60 dollars. You also have the option of chartering a boat on your own and using your own equipment and gear but this option is a bit more expensive. You can buy a private snorkeling package and have lunch as well as an open bar available to you.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is available for beginners as well as advanced. Depending on where you choose to do this activity, you can see many sea creatures like eels, lobsters, and parrotfish. You can choose a variety of different places within Cabo to scuba dive and enjoy the different sea creatures. Scuba Diving Rates vary according to what activity you want. For Scuba Diving ranges from $85 dollars for a couple to $165 depending on how many tanks you want to use. For just $10 dollars extra you can purchase equipment. If you are a first-time diver prices range from $120- $160 dollars. Excursions are from $195 to $225. While multi-day diving packages range from $165 to $405.  Say hello to the sea turtles!

Swimming With Dolphins

Don’t count the Dolphins out! When it comes to dolphins they are loving and gentle and you can totally have a fun time with these fun little water creatures. Prices range from $99 per child and $199 per adult.

Whale Watching

Whales are available to watch in different parts of Cabo including Bahia Magdalena, Laguna San Ignacio, and Laguna Ojo de Liebre. All other whales are available only during the January to March season. There are also whale watching tours that you can purchase that take you to different places to watch the whales. Depending on the kind of whale watching tour you choose the prices range from $30 dollars per adult to $209 for Magdalena Bay. Children’s costs range from as little as $15 dollars to $55 dollars. 

Water activities are always fun in the summer and what better way to spend your summer than in one of the cheapest places. Not only is this an affordable destination spot, the activities are affordable for anyone who wants to enjoy the water in different ways.

One thing is for sure, Cabo San Lucas never gets old!






5 Cheap Private Beach Vacations

small tropical island with beach villas
Everyone loves good fun in the sun. Nothing is better than having a private beach to yourself. Being around those you love the most with a thrill of the water, sand, and sun. Most of us can’t afford to  take a flight on a private jet with loads of the finest champagne and to be taken by a helicopter to the nearest private island. Something like that would easily run your tab up to thousands in just a couple of days. But what if you could have a piece of paradise all to yourself without the costs? You can totally be on a budget and still feel like you’re rich and famous without the price-tag.


Here are 5 fab fun in the sun private beaches that are mind glowingly cheap….

  • Belize– The Pelican Beach Resort is a whopping $258.00 including meals. Cottages are available and is located south of Water Caye. There is plenty of water fun like snorkeling, kayaking and more. The way you get to this beautiful resort is by boat. If you like to take the time to smell the roses then this is the place to be. Read a book, enjoy the sunshine and have some water fun. That’s what a private beach is for right?
  • Malaysia- This Gem wellness Spa & Island Resort really is a Gem. The price of this resort is $190.00 dollars for a couple and includes meals. This private island has all the water for snorkeling and more. You can have a walk on the beach and the best way to get there is by boat.
  • Fiji- Robinson Cruso Island- $150.00 for a couple. There is are lots of fun things to do on this island like canoeing, walks on the beach, and kayaking. The way to get here is by boat. This beautiful beach has white sand and the water is a dream. The food consists of seafood and tropical fruits. Dance shows and massages make this an unforgettable private experience.
  •  Indonesia- Tiger Island & Village is a beautiful resort that costs $141 for the first night and $85 for night thereafter. This includes meals and some equipment. To get here, just row boat or simple paddle. There are bungalows here that provide even more privacy. There are number of things to do here like snuggle up nicely in a hammock, row a boat or play in the sand like a kid. You’ll enjoy this resort and the price!
  • Tarzania- This beautiful resort is located off of the coast of Tarzania. At $260.00 for a couple which included dinner and breakfast, this is a steal. You can sail here and enjoy the waves of the ocean water. This private resort is luxurious and you will fall in love with the tranquility of this peaceful place. The price is small for a piece of paradise. With this price you can’t go wrong, what more can you ask for?

Beach Resort Hamilton Island Australia





Viva Las Vegas!

Cheap Las Vegas Deals At Kayak

As might have already guessed, I love Las Vegas. In my experience, it’s been fun and exciting and I never run out of things to do there.  With that said, I found some awesome hotel and flight packages that are irresistible. They are low in price(can’t go wrong with that) and…it’s VEGAS hello?

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is not exactly fancy, I mean you get what you pay for but at the same time, it isn’t trashy either. It’s decent and for the price, you can still get the Vegas Experience you are looking for. The Excalibur is sort of medieval-themed if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you are a couple for 8 days and 7 nights, you can experience what Excalibur and what Las Vegas has to offer.  For only $438 bucks you can be located on the south of the strip and experience Las Vegas at it’s finest. This cost includes both airfare and hotel accommodations. That’s a win-win.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is located on the south end of the strip. It looks like a cool pyramid and is Egyptian themed. It looks like a sheik pyramid and is close to all the dining and shops that you’ll love. The hotel cost and airfare for this trip is $554 smackers. This includes two people and 1 room. The stay is 8 days and 7 nights.

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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is located 2 blocks east of the strip. The cost of this trip is $611 dollars and includes 1 room, two people and 8 days and 7 nights. The rooms offer wifi, flat screens and some have minibars. This place is ultra modern and you’ll love the atmosphere of great music, great food with a great experience.

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino has a lot to offer. This is a highrise casino where you have the pleasure of viewing the entire strip. For $850 for the flight and hotel accommodations there no way you can lose. It is near some really cool attractions like the wax museum. All of the dining and shopping that you want to experience is only a walk away. It also has a spa, 2 pools, and a gym for your convenience. This package is for an 8-day 7-night stay, 2 people, and 1 room.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino has all the amenities you are looking for in a package with a price that you can afford. This hotel has lots of live shows, bars nearby and plenty of retail therapy. If you are looking to relax in a spa-like atmosphere, they have that too. This is a hotel where all of the action takes place. This package goes for $820 dollars for an 8 day and 7-night stay. This package included one couple per room.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is located on the south end of the strip and it is something that you cannot mistake. For only $780 dollars you can experience the best of what Las Vegas truly has to offer. This package includes 8 days and 7 nights of full on Las Vegas fun. One couple per room on this one guys. In the heart of all the entertainment and fine dining, you can’t lose. Don’t miss out on this deal of a lifetime.

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Bally’s Las Vegas is located on the strip but just a few miles from downtown Las Vegas. All the rooms are modern and have all of the things you could ask for like wifi, spas, bars and much more. There are lots of live shows all around for you to relax and enjoy some much-needed entertainment. For the price, this is one heck of a deal. This package is for one couple per one room. The price of this packaged deal is $651 dollars for 8 days and 7 nights. Whoa! Talk about a major deal for a lot of fun! Can’t get any better than that I say.

Want to go to Vegas but feel like you’re in Paris? Well, you can have just that at Paris Las Vegas. This is a casino and hotel that is located across from the strip and is has a french theme. All the amenities and dining you like but with a french flair. World class dining and shopping are the best of the best at this place. This package costs $825 for one couple per room. The stay is 8 days and 7 nights.

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The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is located on the strip. This is an upscale Casino with all of the amenities you can imagine. Everything from fine dining, to live shows, to great bars. Everything you need is here. For an 8 day 7 night stay, this packaged deal is a steal at $637 dollars. The rooms have a traditional feel but are upgraded and modern with everything from flat screen televisions to wifi access.

At the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, this is located where all of the action takes place–the heart of the Las Vegas strip. With an array of things like spas, bars, fine dining, shopping, live entertainment and lounges you’ll feel like you just stepped into heaven. At a price tag of $897 for 8 days and 7 nights, it can’t get much better than this. This package is for one couple per room.